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How To Remove Shower Head That’s Stuck – Best Guide With Easy Steps

Whether you are an expert at DIY projects around the house or are looking for a genuine project to begin, changing your shower head could be a fantastic place for you to start.

Installing a new shower head should, in an ideal world, be quick, easy, and painless. The best showerheads available today can be installed without a plumber. And assuming no issues arise, installation should just take a little while.

Given that, you must be careful to install it properly. Done incorrectly, it may need a lot more time and work. It might even harm your brand-new shower head. Even worse, you might start a leak that leads to other issues. So, how to remove shower head that’s stuck? See in this article.

how to remove shower head that's stuck

Before removing the old showerhead

Although unscrewing a showerhead from the sticking shower line is all that is required to remove it, this is not usually an easy task. Too much effort without fastening the projecting pipe, also known as the shower arm, may cause the shower arm to become loose or the showerhead to become damaged.

The vertical pipe that carries water up from the shower valve is connected to the shower arm’s opposite end, which is threaded into a pipe elbow that is concealed in the wall (the faucet). If you don’t tighten the shower arm before replacing the showerhead, you risk creating a leak inside the wall if you unintentionally loosen it while you remove the showerhead. The easiest ways to remove the old showerhead should be tried first, and if those fail to loosen it, tools should be used.

How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head

Teflon tape is used to seal the connection between the shower arm’s threads and the shower head during installation. Even while you don’t have to make the connection incredibly tight, it is inevitable, particularly when repairs are carried out by novice homeowners.

The three major reasons why your shower head is stuck are overtightening, rust, or mineral buildup. The shower head may, in extremely rare circumstances, be cemented to the shower arm.

The four methods for removing a stuck shower head are as follows.

1. Use a Long Pipe Wrench

Typically, separating a shower head from a shower arm should just require a slight twist and unscrewing motion. However, if the connection is too tight, a set of pliers will work.

Just use pliers to grasp the shower head connector and turn it counterclockwise. However, this won’t function if the shower head is jammed. Leverage will be required. That will appear as a lengthy pipe wrench.

The issue with using a pipe wrench to remove a shower head is that you run the chance of also removing the shower arm from the wall-mounted water supply pipe. Your bathroom wall will start to leak when that occurs.

You will need two pipe wrenches and possibly an extra set of hands to stop this from happening. With one wrench, try to unscrew the shower head connector; with the other, back off on the shower arm to prevent it from moving.

This process will typically function flawlessly. I advise wrapping electrical tape (duct tape or a piece of rag/emery cloth will also work) on the shower head connector and shower arm to prevent burring the shower head connector and shower arm.

2. Vinegar-soaked Shower Head

White vinegar is an excellent substance for dissolving the minerals and rust from a shower head-arm connection that is corroded or has mineral deposits built into it.

  • White vinegar should be poured into a plastic bag until it is halfway full.
  • Enter the vinegar with the shower head.
  • On the shower arm, fasten the bag with a rubber band.
  • Ensure that the vinegar is completely submerged in the shower head-arm connection.
  • Wait for two hours or, if you have more time, longer.
  • To detach the shower head, use a wrench.
  • Pour the vinegar into a sizable bowl and place your hand-held shower head inside if you have one.

When your shower has poor water pressure, you should also employ this technique. By removing the mineral buildup obstructing the nozzles, vinegar cleans the shower head.

how to remove shower head that's stuck

3. Penetrating oil should be sprayed on the shower head connection.

Dousing a stuck shower head with penetrating oil or a lubricant like WD-40 is a fantastic additional method. As its name implies, penetrating oil gets into the connection and penetrates, dislodging rust and mineral buildup to make the shower head removal simple.

Spray penetrating oil liberally around the shower head-arm connection after grabbing a can of it. Before attempting to loosen the shower head, you will need to repeat the process a few times and give it some time.

Grab a wrench or a pair of pliers and try to unscrew the shower head once more after spraying the oil a few times.

There is one more thing you can try if the three ways mentioned above do not work or you suspect that your shower head is cemented to the shower arm. And you might find that you really like it.

4. Take away the shower head and arm

The pipe that joins the shower head to the water supply line on the wall is known as the shower arm. As I mentioned in this essay, there are several types of shower arms, but the process of removing them is the same.

Your shower head and the area where the shower arm is fastened on are both supplied with water via a pipe that is located inside the wall. Make sure the shower faucet is off before attempting to remove the shower arm.

Using this technique, you can swap out both the shower head and the shower arm, if that’s what you originally meant to do. In every sense, both are extremely affordable.

How to remove a shower arm is as follows:

  • The shower arm flange should first be released. On the wall, the flange will either be caulked or screwed to the arm. Use a putty knife to cut through the caulk, or a screwdriver to get rid of the screw.
  • With the aid of a wrench, turn the shower arm counterclockwise to release it. Once it is free, take hold of the shower head and unscrew it using that as leverage.
  • You have the option of replacing the shower arm and head together or simply cleaning it with vinegar before reinstalling it.


If you’re lucky, unscrewing your shower head from the pipe should be easy. However, it’s likely that your particular head isn’t quite that simple, which is why you’re reading this. You should have no trouble replacing a jammed shower head if you follow these instructions. See more useful articles in our website¬†Foto Blog Diario.

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