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How To Remove Rust From Shower Caddy – Step by Step Guide

A spotlessly clean shower caddy adds a beautiful decorative touch to any bathroom and is a useful item. Although shower caddies are frequently in contact with water, they can still develop stains from rust, hard water, and soap scum.

A rusty, stained shower caddy detracts from the aesthetics of your bathroom and can contaminate your shower accessories. To keep your bathroom clean and aesthetically pleasing, it’s critical to understand how to remove rust from shower caddy.

How Come the Shower Caddy Rusts?

Some of us wind up with rusted shower caddies because we don’t always get things right.

Your shower caddy may rust for a variety of reasons, including excessive humidity, dirty shampoos used in the shower, and simply the presence of wet goods and moisture on the shower caddy.

Therefore, if your shower caddy has rust, use these instructions to get rid of it. Always be patient when attempting to remove rust; we advise waiting at least 24 hours for your product to soak before continuing.

how to remove rust from shower caddy

Keeping a Shower Caddy From Rusting

If you catch it early on, you may not always need to remove rust from your shower caddy. In actuality, the only time rust might need to be removed is if it has penetrated into or underneath difficult-to-clean areas that aren’t accessible for routine cleaning.

Several techniques, such as mechanical sanding, acid cleaning, paint or spray painting, can be used to eliminate rust. It’s preferable to leave rust removal to experts who understand how to limit damage.

The procedures listed below are merely suggestions for rust removal that is safe. Before any cleaning can start, there are a few things that need to be done. Before beginning any cleaning processes, check that all of your shower caddy’s components are firmly fastened; otherwise, they might all fall off when you’re cleaning or removing rust.

Next, it’s crucial to confirm that you have everything required for rust removal on hand:

  • security glasses (and possibly a face mask).
  • neoprene gloves.
  • sandpaper with different grits.
  • if necessary, drop cloths made of plastic.

Cleaning a Shower Caddy of Rust

Remove rust from shower caddy

First, remove the shower caddy from the showerhead or corner and use a dryer sheet to remove any loose or extra rust. The shower caddy must then be immersed with a water and vinegar solution. Depending on the size of your caddy, you might need to do this in the bathtub or the kitchen sink.

Better Homes & Gardens advises mixing water and vinegar in an equal ratio in a bucket to accomplish this. Alternately, you can estimate the amount of water needed to completely submerge the caddy in a pitcher and then add the appropriate quantity of vinegar. Spend about 30 minutes soaking the caddy in the liquid. You can then wipe away the stains and vinegar after this has helped to loosen up most of the soap scum, hard water, and rust stains.

Any attempt to remove rust with bleach should be avoided. Using bleach and cleansers with bleach as an ingredient might actually set the stain, claims Bar Keepers Friend.

Treatment for Remaining Rust

The next step is to apply a baking soda paste to the difficult rust stains if any rust is still present. Making a paste with baking soda and water, apply it to the rust stains. You should leave this paste on for several hours or overnight.

Apply extra vinegar to the baking soda paste after letting it sit for a while, then scrape the mixture with a nylon scrubber or brush. This concoction will bubble and fizz. Baking soda and vinegar combined have powerful cleaning properties that will help remove rust stains thanks to their fizzing activity.

More vinegar and baking soda can be added to the rust spots before using the nylon scrubber to remove them. After the rust has been eliminated, thoroughly dry the shower caddy to prevent the growth of new rust stains.

Additional Techniques for Rust Removal

There are numerous additional ways to eliminate rust. Salt and lemon juice is one substitute. The rust stains can be removed by the salt’s abrasiveness and the acidity of the lemon juice.

Apply a solution of equal parts coarse salt and lemon juice on the rust spots. Use a nylon scrubber to clean the caddy, followed by a warm water rinse and a thorough cloth drying.

Additionally, there are several specialized products for rust stain removal on the market, such Brasso. It’s vital to read the safety instructions before using these goods because they typically cost a little more. You might need to air your workspace and wear gloves when using them.

how to remove rust from shower caddy

Maintenance Advice for Plastic or Stainless Steel Shower Caddies

If you are aware of these fundamental guidelines, maintaining both stainless steel and plastic shower caddies is simple. You can use a general cleanser or degreaser to clean your stainless steel one if it’s unclean.

However, avoid using soap because it will leave water stains on your shower caddy. Simply wash a plastic caddy in warm, soapy water. Pour equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle and use it to remove rust stains from either kind of shower caddy.

Rust stains should be sprayed directly on, then removed with a clean cloth dampened with vinegar solution. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse. A shower caddy should never be submerged in water because they are not waterproof.

When not in use, store objects inside of them, and when storing items outside of showers, make sure they are kept dry. They might grow mold or mildew if exposed to damp conditions, which would rust them.

Even if these shower caddies don’t require any rust removal treatment, it’s still crucial to perform routine checks to make sure that nothing is developing inside.

If something seems out of the ordinary, even if it’s just a discoloration, take action right away by inspecting and cleaning frequently until everything goes back to normal (or contact a professional). By doing this, you’ll help avoid any health problems that could result from mold growth in your bathroom storage options.


Shower caddies are excellent for organizing your bathroom, but they struggle to maintain themselves rust-free and clean.

So, in order to get rid of the rust on your shower caddy and restore its appearance, Foto Blog Diario has included a few tried-and-true techniques in this article. You can try any of the advice given, and you can also post any more questions in the comment box.

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