Challenge Yourself to Take Better Notes

Note taking skills are critical to practice…
1. When Reading…
2. When Listening…
Certainly, every one of the chances presents another challenge to you. I consider the most debatable note taking ability around taking notes while reading to learn centres.
Utilizing a yellow highlighter, I isolate text I find confounding or important. Once I return to the text afterwards, I will focus on those places of confusion or significance in a productive way with a different coloured marker.

On my most early read I tend to over-highlight because I’m still unsure of the thoughts that are main. During my next reads I use text that is critical to narrow even farther.
In addition, I make margin notes, if I wish to link the text to another or particularly if I’m lost.
If you do not own the publication, do not do this. If I do not own the novel I use options like post-it notes and post it arrows that point to the text I ‘d otherwise emphasize. Through the original read the post-it notes stay affixed to the text. I choose the post-it notes during my next read from the text, putting them in a notebook. I allow the borders for the post-it notes while I compose outlines in the note taking section of the notebook.
I never, ever reproduce the text word for word. study guides from my second read help me summarize the writer ‘s main purposes and follow the argument.
One last point, take notice of the reality that I strongly recommend which you return to any text you happen to be reading to dig deeper to the text rather than rely on a first or single read. Not returning to get the most out of it you can is making comprehension standing in the wings.